Homeowner Reviews

“Working with Doyle Homes was the ultimate experience in building our house. They worked very closely with us during and after the building process. The staff at Doyle Homes allowed us to customize our floor plan and make all our design decisions early in the process. This made the building process very efficient and allowed for completion of the project only a few months once the ground was broken. Even after the build, Doyle Homes continues to provide SUPERIOR support when any difficulties arise. We can not say enough good things about Doyle Homes.”
Chris & Susan
Elida, OH

“My husband and I started looking at builders about a year before we actually built our home because we had time due to our current house still on the market. My husband suggested that we stop at Doyle Homes initially, but I did not want to because I knew that I wanted to design my own home. Even though their model homes are nice, I didn’t want one because I had my own ideas. We stopped, but I had already made up my mind that this was not going to be the builder for me. Then, we met with the designer, who changed my mind about what Doyle Homes can build by showing us his own home design. We took a tour of his home, and we loved it. It took our house a year to sell. Even though we knew that Doyle Homes could build our own design, we started getting prices from several builders. We considered building our home ourselves because we built the one we just sold, plus, we went through homes already built which were on the market. We even considered being our own contractor. Other builders pushed their ideas on us because that was easy for them. Some even made us feel like just another sell. We never felt like that with Doyle Homes. Then, after several meetings with our designer, we knew that Doyle Homes was right for us. We knew exactly what we wanted in our home, and Doyle Homes made sure we got it. Doyle Homes not only built our home for us. They also became a part of our family. They made my family part of the process every step of the way. I am so thankful my husband & I chose Doyle Homes. We LOVE to show our house to everyone!”
Sheena & Chad
Ada, OH

“After comparing several builders on true pricing, quality, and plan options, we felt we would get the most for our money by choosing Doyle Homes. When our home was finished, they had exceeded our expectations, and we’re confident we made the right choice. We would recommend Doyle Homes to anyone looking to build a new home.”
Rick & Tracy Stewart
Zanesfield, OH

“Well, we have been in our house almost a year now and have loved every second of it. There are so many things different from our Doyle Home than with our other homes that we sub-contracted out ourselves. The house is very well insulated. We have been tested in the water (rain) test too and are pleased to say that we are dry as a bone. I know that when you build, there is usually something that you would have done differently or would change, and I can honestly say we are very satisfied and wouldn’t change a thing. We finished the basement this past winter and have added an additional great room, full bath, and bedroom/game room to our beautiful home. I appreciate all the advice and patience they gave us. We are so proud and pleased with the new home that we highly recommend Doyle Homes to anyone we know is building. As a matter of fact, we have friends that have just signed on to build their new home with you! Thank you again for making our experience with Doyle Homes a great one!”
Brian & Bridget Moots
Belle Center, OH

“We are really pleased with our home. We would recommend to build with Doyle Homes to anyone who is thinking about building a new home. Thank you for all your help and being so prompt on our concerns. Thanks again!”
Andrew & Christine Smith
Van Buren, OH

“We just wanted to thank everyone from Doyle Homes that was a part of the building of our home. From the designers, who gave us exactly what we wanted to the Production Manager, who got us into our home in less than 55 working days. We love our home and it was actually appraised for a lot more than what it was sold to us for! Thanks for making the process an enjoyable one.”
Will & Kim McDaniel
Delta, OH

“I would like to express my deep appreciation to Doyle Homes for the outstanding service you provided in building my home. It was a joy to work with each of you, especially my new home consultant. Her ideas and suggestions, matched with superior workmanship and quality materials, resulted in a showcase home. I show my home with pride. Thanks to all of you for making the building of my new home an enjoyable experience. Again, I would like to thank you and your team for an outstanding job!”
John Peiffer
Fostoria, OH

“We enjoy the open space floor design, and the consultant was wonderful and professional. The superintendent was very helpful, and we just love this man. He was great from start to finish. The three major factors for our decision to build with Doyle Homes was, the layout of the home, the promises the consultant made and delivered and the fact that your company help us get the financing in order. We love the house and you can’t make the experience any better, you are all great!”
Kim & Mike Strohl
Ft. Recovery, OH

“I want to thank everyone at Doyle Homes who made our family dreams a reality. We learned about Doyle Homes while we were house shopping at a modular home dealership. Another couple that was going through the same house that we were looking at told us about Doyle Homes because they were impressed with the new home consultant. I told my wife that I wanted to check out Doyle Homes before we made any decisions. We didn’t think we could afford a stick-built home, so we didn’t consider that as an option. After pricing modular’s against custom homes at Doyle Homes, we realized we could get a stick-built home after all. We walked away from Doyle’s feeling good because we felt like we were treated with respect and would be getting a quality home for a reasonable price. When production began on our home, the field superintendent was constantly educating us about why Doyle Homes builds homes the way they do. Conversely, he was quick to point out why Doyle Homes doesn’t build the way other homebuilders build. As a result, we are confident that our home is well built and that we got as much bang for our buck as we could find in the market today. After acquiring the permits, the building process moved along quickly. People were constantly commenting about how fast our home went up and how there was always someone at the house working every day. It was fun to watch the changes daily. We simply sat back and watched the whole thing come together with little stress throughout. I hope whoever is considering doing business with Doyle Homes will consider what we have said when deciding. If we were to build again, we wouldn’t hesitate to use Doyle Homes as our builder. We love our new home! Thank You.”
Jeff & Jeana Wenrick
Piqua, OH

“From start to finish, it was so easy to work with Doyle Homes. We never had to worry about a thing. We picked a basic design with a few additions and everyone we worked with was very cooperative and responded immediately. We were very impressed with the overseer’s interest in the workmanship and attention to detail. They made our dream a reality! Thank You.”
Mary & Dave Puthoff
St. Marys, OH

“I wanted to thank everyone at Doyle Homes. I am very pleased with the quality of my home and how fast you all got it done. The new home consultant was very knowledgeable and kept the whole process carefree for me. Thanks again!”
Jim Metzger
Elida, OH

“Our decision to work with Doyle Homes was a good one. The planning and building process was a smooth and stress-free experience. After picking out the home design that had the country porch we desired, we could make the interior changes to the standard layout and get the extra closets, large bath, and master bedroom we wanted. Working with Doyle Homes was an easy process to make all the necessary design selections. Four months later, we moved into the home that had been only a dream for us. We would recommend Doyle Homes to anyone who is considering building a new home!”
Wayne Long
Elida, OH

“We love open space & having more room! Doyle Homes was very kind, understanding, and patient. Our three major factors when deciding to build with Doyle Homes were: Not having to go store to store to find everything, good selection, but not too much to choose from that overwhelms you and our consultant was very accommodating to us and coming our way to discuss things. We are happy with the structure, look and how quick everything went up and together. Thank You, Doyle Homes!”
Matt & Laura Michael
Leipsic, OH